Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training

Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training

Who is it for?

Instructors, leaders and teachers who want to demonstrate that they have a basic level of safe and competent bushcraft skills and are following recommended good practice. The training course is recommended for people who want to progress to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate.

Why Come?

This 3-day training course is practical and relevant for instructors, leaders and teachers working in all areas of outdoor learning – education, personal or professional development, therapy, expeditions, etc.

Where does the course lead?

Following a Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training course we
recommend you undergo a period of consolidation and refinement of
your skills. We will show you how the BCC logbook
can be used to evidence your development and practice.
To progress and complete the well-respected IOL Bushcraft
Competency Certificate Assessment you will need a completed BCC
logbook. Many people see the BCC as the foundation from which they
can share their high level bushcraft skills and knowledge with others.

Subjects covered During training include:

  • Safe shelter construction
  • Safe use of tools and knife law
  • Establishing and maintaining fires by; bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel and other methods
  • Leaving no trace
  • Water sourcing, filtering and purification
  • Tree ID & uses
  • Natural navigation
  • Cordage making from natural materials


Bushcraft Competency Certificate training course £295

Course Dates 2021

23-25 March

9-11 April

11-13 May

8-10 June

6-8 July

17-19 August

7-9 September

12-14 October